Our School Workshops

As a qualified teacher, I know how important it is to bring the curriculum to life and how important creativity is to wellbeing. Working with clay and linking it to the curriculum is a fantastic way to promote children's learning, wellbeing and enjoyment in school. We have begun to put together some ideas but really the possibilities of working with clay are endless. We will begin workshops when schools return in September and then will begin sharing our work in schools then. If you have your own ideas we would be happy to hear them! Contact us to book your workshop with your class! info@pixiepots.co.uk

Clay Mugs and Cups


Clay pots and jugs from history

We can offer bisque for children to paint in designs linked to their topics whether it is the Romans, Greeks, Vikings or Tudors. These will be fired in the kiln. 

We can also offer clay work, teaching children hand building techniques. These will be fired and then painted for a second firing.


Clay slab work 

Another way we can explore history and science is to create from a clay slab based on your topic of study. Pupils can make a Tudor house, explore Greek architecture or explore space.

Cutting Clay
Painting Pottery


Pottery Painting

Pottery painting can be done by children of all ages and can be an amazing activity for being creative and promoting wellbeing. We can provide pupils with a huge range of bisque to design and paint however they choose. The objects could be small plaques, tiles, animals, mugs and plates. They can be linked to a story, a theme and be a gift for parents. 



Enterprise Work

If your school is looking for fundraising with a difference, we can help. There are numerouse high quality items that pupils can make from clay to sell. We can help and support them to make their enterprise work a huge success. 

Small Green Plants